Imagine a beautiful coffee table book of alternative maps about drugs

Drugs are fascinating, because of their effects on mind and body, but also because of our ideas and images of them. A part of human culture for millennia, psychoactive substances have been celebrated and widely integrated into society on the one hand, and framed as evil and prohibited across the world on the other. From local production and use to global trade, they are often tied to crime, vice and discourses of fear.

Cartographic representations contribute to these imaginaries, for example with streams of trade between global south and global north or hotspots of dangerous urban areas. These representations raise concerns, since drugs are a nexus of multidimensional power relationships. The very idea of mapping drugs is rejected by many drug users and advocates.

This book will share alternative knowledge about drugs, from production to consumption. Experimenting with new visualisations and new graphic languages, it will foster other imaginations and understandings of this global phenomenon. Compiling case studies in text and graphic form, it promotes a better understanding of the complexity behind the word, “drugs”.

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Extended deadline to 30.11.21 and targeted call for proposals

After the first Call for Proposals for the book project “Drugs (Counter) Mapping” this summer, we received about 30 great proposals. Nevertheless, a few gaps remain, which is why we are launching three targeted Calls for Proposals, to be submitted by 30.11.21: targeted world regions, targeted topics. We are also seeking critical cartography essays on…

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Advisory Board presentation

We are very enthusiastic about the participation of the Advisory Board members to the book project! From critical cartography to international drug policies advocacy, from Brazil to Hungary, thirteen experts and organizations are supporting the project: Have a look at the Advisory Board

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